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You’ll be part of a truly global survey community, uniting all countries and regions under a new name: Ipsos iSay! We’ve always been a part of Ipsos, the third largest market research company in the world, so now we’re proudly adding it to our survey community’s name. We are excited to present you with a brand-new website and a fresh mobile app! 

We will move soon to a new domain: ipsosisay.com. Bookmark our new address and be the first to try out the new Ipsos iSay experience!

While moving, our website will temporarily be down for maintenance. This shouldn’t take more than 48 hours, and we’ll let you know when everything is up and running. The current mobile app will no longer be available, but a new experience will be coming soon to your smartphone.

You will not be able to access your Rewarding Panel account or use any of the website’s features. You will still be able to take surveys, using your email invites. Any points earned during downtime will show up in your balance on the new website.

Your profile information won’t be affected. On the new website you will be able to see all the answers to your profile questions. You can also update your profile and change your answers when needed, as life events happen. 

You’ll enjoy an enhanced survey experience, based on your profile! When we have available surveys, we will notify you via email. Whenever you’re ready to start a survey, we will choose the very best one for you.

We’re currently working on improving our website features. Stay tuned!

The following programs will not be available once we move to a new domain:

• Refer a Friend
• Bonus Quest
• Polls
• Monthly Draw

Simply use your current email address and password to login to the new Ipsos iSay site. 

Your points balance will not be affected. Any points earned during downtime will show up in your balance on the new website.

Your personal data will not be affected, and you will not be asked to provide it again . Read more about how we use personal information here.

Yes, our Terms & Conditions will be updated. In order to continue taking surveys with Ipsos iSay, you will be asked for your consent again.

All our future emails will come from this new address surveysSAEN@mena.ipsosisay.com. Make sure you don’t miss out on surveys and rewards by adding us to your contacts list. If you have a Gmail account, enter the Gmail app, and move one of our emails to the Primary tab, through the "Move to" option.

You can also use the same address to reach out to us.

Our mobile app will no longer be available after the migration. You won’t be able to take surveys or access any features of the app. Stay tuned, a new mobile experience will be available soon!

You’ll still be able to download the app from the App Store and Google Play, but you won’t be able to use it to access your account or take surveys.

Yes, you can take surveys by accessing our website, ipsosisay.com, using the browser on your mobile device.