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All active Rewarding Panel members in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have a reward points account and are eligible to participate in the program and earn points by completing surveys.

Points of Account Updates

Your points account will be updated or credited each time you earn points by taking a survey. In most cases, your account will be credited a few minutes after survey completion. Your account will be debited immediately when you redeem points.

In the event of an error, Rewarding Panel reserves the right to make adjustments to a panelist’s Points account.

In the future, additional methods of earning points may become available. Points may be added to accounts at the sole discretion of Rewarding Panel.

Expiration of Points

Points never expire if you continue to be an active member on Rewarding Panel, and as long as the points program remains in effect.

However, if you unsubscribe from Rewarding Panel or if your membership is terminated, your points account will be closed after 30 days. At that time, all points will be forfeited.

Rewarding Panel has the right to remove a panelist from the panel without any notice in advance or having to justify the decision afterward in the event that a clear breach of Rewarding Panel rules or terms and conditions is detected. If you allow your membership to become inactive (that is, you do not respond to any survey invitation for a period of time), we reserve the right to terminate your membership and close your account. In these cases, all points will be forfeited as described above.


Points cannot be transferred between panelists’ accounts.


Redemptions can be successfully processed only if you have enough points as required for the item(s) selected.


Electronic vouchers are sent via e-mail.

Program Duration & Changes to Rules

Rewarding Panel reserves the right at any time to withdraw this program or to modify, amend, or supplement these rules, at its sole discretion.

Limits of Liability

Rewarding Panel shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for injuries, losses, or damages of any kind that might result from acceptance, possession, and/or use of any item redeemed.

For further details regarding any of these rules, please contact us.