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The number of surveys you receive will vary. Most members receive at least one survey invitation every month with an average of four per month. Based on their profile information, some members receive a few more than others. It is always your decision about whether or not you take a survey.
To receive more surveys, keep your profile updated. This will provide more general information about you, and you will qualify to more surveys. You can complete your profile from the main survey page, following the link Complete your Profile.

Once you are logged in on the website, click on the star at the top of the page. You will be taken to the Points Balance page where you will find the detailed information about the points you earned, and the surveys you participated in. Click here to go to Points Balance.

You can complete our surveys via our mobile app, i-Say Rewards Your Opinion. You will receive instant notifications when surveys are available, and you can also access most website features through it.

We may also sometimes invite you to install another app, the Ipsos Mobile App. This app allows you to participate in special mobile surveys. You can access it if you are invited and you would you be given special username and password.

As soon as you complete a survey, either by email or on our website, our system registers the points you earned and/or the contest entries.

For most surveys, the earned points will be automatically added to your account within a few minutes of survey completion.

There may be instances when the points for recently completed surveys do not immediately appear in your account. In such cases, the points will be added into your account within 4 or more weeks after survey completion.

If clicking the survey button in your email doesn’t work, you may find the survey on the Dashboard, or on our mobile app (install here if you don’t have it). If you need more help or you experience any other issue while completing the survey, please contact us using the contact form on our website and include the survey number that you may find in the invitation email or in your Dashboard by clicking the arrow at the top of the survey card. We will then look into the matter promptly and get back to you within 2 business days.

Yes, this is normal. This may happen if you close the survey page and try to access it again in less than 15 minutes. In this case, please wait 15 minutes before accessing the survey link, and then you will be directed to the question you left off. If the problem still exists, please let us know.

Some people get screened out because their personal information didn't match clients’ needs or due to the quota being full for this particular survey. This ensures that your valuable time is used wisely. We agree it can be frustrating, but it's probably less frustrating than answering an entire survey about a product that is of no interest to you. As a token of our appreciation for your interest and time, you'll still be entered into our Monthly Draw and you could earn up to 5 Rewarding Panel points even if you’re disqualified.

To increase your chances of qualifying to surveys, Complete your Profile. We would thus be able to invite you to surveys that match your profile. You can also Install our App to get instant survey notifications.

Questions like "Do you intend to buy this product?" are meant to find out what types of people are interested in a product. For example, men are more likely to want to buy a moustache trimmer, but women are more likely to want to buy a curling iron. Sometimes, it's hard to know what types of people would be interested in a product so that's why we ask. We will NEVER try to sell you anything.

If you will be going on vacation for a maximum period of 6 months or need some time off from taking surveys, you don't need to terminate your membership, just contact us and share with us please the days you'll be away so we don’t send you any survey invitations during that time or you can simply make sure not to exceed that time to avoid being deactivated in the future.

Press on “Click here” next to “If you don't want to receive reminders to this email” text at the bottom of the survey invitation letter, and you will not receive reminders for the specific survey.

You can adjust the frequency of your survey notifications by visiting the “Email & Browser Notifications” page under the “Social Settings” section.

If you decide to stop receiving survey invitations via email, please login, click on the top right menu, choose “Settings”, then go to the "Social Settings" section, and select "Email & Browser Notifications", where you can make the needed adjustments.

Our panelists cannot participate in the surveys outside of their countries of residence. If you move to another country, then we have to cancel your panel membership.

You will earn reward points which can be redeemed for e-vouchers and charity. Points add up fast - most surveys are worth 5 to 100 points and members get an average of 4 surveys each month.

If you were promised lots of money for taking surveys, this offer did not come from Ipsos, and it is not legitimate. As a member of Rewarding Panel and most other legitimate market research companies, you will not earn big money doing surveys. Your say will count. You will get chances to earn points to redeem for prizes. You will be first in the know. And we deliver the rewards we promise. Check out the Winners to see the latest winners.