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To change or update your email, sign in and click on the top right menu, and choose Settings. There, you will find the Modify your email tab.

If you are not already signed in, sign in using your email address and current password. Click on the top right menu and choose Settings. There, you will find the Change your Password tab.

Password should contain at least 8 characters long with numbers, special characters, upper & lowercase letters.

To help keep your account secure, we highly recommend that you change your password every 3 months.

In the social settings section select "Edit your information". Here you can update your personal information - such as name, Mobile number, and Username. You can also add a description of you and include links to your profiles on social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

To change other information not available on your website account, please use the contact form and provide a description of the changes.

In the Settings page, you have a dedicated section called "Social Settings". Select the "Change your avatar" option which will allow you to upload any picture you want for your page.