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Moving to another country

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If you would like to move to another country that we cover (UAE, Egypt, Lebanon, Qatar, Morocco, Jordan, Kuwait and Iraq), and stay there permanently, you will have to terminate your membership and register in your new country of residence. Contact us if you need help on this.

The remaining points in your old account will be transferred to your new account within 2 business days, right after you successfully complete your registration and inform us.

Sometimes the requested criteria in that new country might not match your personal data. For this reason, we encourage you to redeem your points remaining in your account before moving to another country and then contact us in order to make the necessary update. Otherwise, you may not be able to redeem them once you get there.

And, if you wish to move to another country other than those mentioned above and you have enough points, we kindly ask you to redeem them for any reward offered in our rewards catalog and then terminate your membership.

E-vouchers cannot be used outside your country of residence. For this reason, you have to use your e-vouchers before moving abroad.