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Complete the Rewarding Panel Bonus Quest to be crowned a Survey Champion and receive a bonus of 10 Rewarding Panel points! More points mean more amazing rewards!

Your Quest

You'll begin your Bonus Quest when you take your first survey! Keep taking surveys to advance through the levels. Even if a survey isn't a good match for you or is already full, it still counts toward your quest. So always be sure to try to take all surveys that are available to you! You'll start out at the level of Novice, then you'll move up through Intermediate and Advanced.

Once you've taken 7 surveys, you've completed your Bonus Quest! You'll earn the title of Survey Champion and be awarded with a bonus of 10 Rewarding Panel points!

Here's what it takes to complete each level of the Bonus Quest:



1-2 surveys taken



3-4 surveys taken



5-6 surveys taken


Survey Champion

7 surveys taken

Earn your one-time bonus of 10 Rewarding Panel points!

More Info

Members may each complete the Rewarding Panel Bonus Quest only once but stay with us - more missions and opportunities to earn Rewarding Panel points may be added in the future! Members that have already taken 7 surveys at the onset of the Bonus Quest program will not receive the one-time bonus.

You can check the progress of your Bonus Quest from your Account page.

The program will be valid as of March 1st, 2021 and shall remain in force until terminated by the program provider. Panelists will be informed of the decision to terminate the program by a notice posted on the Rewarding Panel website with at least ten (10) days' prior the program's termination date. We reserve the right to make changes to this program at any time without prior notice.

The above-mentioned terms and conditions are supplemented by the Terms and Conditions for participation in Rewarding Panel (available here).

You must be an active Rewarding Panel and a member for a minimum of 14 days before any bonus points are awarded. If you reach the Survey Champion level before this time, your bonus points will be awarded after day 14 of your Rewarding Panel membership.